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18″x22″ CorX™ Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Combo Board


This 18″ x 22″ CorX™ framed magnetic dry erase board features a patented black and cork frame that provides a modern touch to any room. Providing a large writing surface for drawing, writing and more, this product is easy-to-use and maintain. Plus the cork channel inside the frame gives added versatility for pinning notes and more along all sides.

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Of all dry erase boards, this 18″ x 22″ CorX™ framed magnetic dry erase combo board brings the best of both worlds with its patented black and cork frame. This board delivers everything you need for staying on top and on task, with a clean, modern style that looks as put together as you are and a versatility that works in the den as well as the kitchen or any room of the home or office. The writing surface offers ample room for drawing, writing, planning and problem-solving and is easy to write on, wipe clean and maintain. Framed handsomely with the cork channel inside the frame, this board is destined to be your go-to information station in record time. You can pin notes, photos, mementos, receipts, menus and more along the entire perimeter of the board and use the magnets to post them on the magnetic surface. Call out important messages, reminders and words of wisdom in the large writing space at the center. Want to make it extra colorful? Use Board Dudes fine-point, medium-point or even chisel tip dry erase markers for full effect. CorX dry erase boards include 2 magnets.

Key Features:

  • 18″ x 22″ magnetic dry erase CorX™ combo board
  • Also available in calendar format
  • Includes 2 magnets to attach important documents
  • Professional CorX™ style frame with built-in cork strip for push pin usage
  • Perfect for drawing/writing at home or interactivity in a classroom setting
  • Mounting hardware included