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11″x17″ Dry Erase Aluminum Framed Chore Chart


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Keeping on top of chores doesn’t have to be a chore. This 11” x 17” magnetic dry-erase board makes organizing the Who-Does-What-When at your house easy to see and understand. And when everyone at your house knows exactly what to do, the chores get done that much more quickly and efficiently. The sleek aluminum frame also offers more utilitarian yet modern industrial style to your organizational system, so the kids know you’re all business. And with lines and 80 star magnets to keep track of completed tasks, you can keep everyone at home on target and on track! Use with Board Dudes colorful array of fine- or medium-point dry markers, easily erasable for last minute changes!


  • 11” x 17” magenetic dry erase chore chart
  • Perfect for coordinating activities and getting chores done
  • Industrial-style aluminum frame
  • 80+ magnets to mark chores for clear communication and fine point marker included
  • Included mounting hardware make it easy to install